Writing writing writing…

That’s all we have been able to do during these pandemic times. Which is probably a good thing. I’ve written several stories and have been submitting them everywhere for possible publication. So far no luck, but that is the game.

The worst case would be to have a collections of short stories then just publish the damn thing myself! Not a bad plan if you think about it!

Also as far as the radio shows. We haven’t been very active, for obvious reasons. The Firehouse Theatre and Death Club Live may have run it’s two year course, a beautiful ride and maybe we will pick it up with them again. The radio show version has been on hiatus as well since the beginning of all of this. Alane, however, seems renewed in spirit recently with it, so we will see where we go with it.

Of course, I am still doing my Friday Clock Out, which is awesome, gloves on and masked up at the station!


Published by Phil Ford

I am a co-editor and a contributing writer of Richmond Macabre : Nightmares from the River City. Writer, columnist, and musician, general smart ass. I also DJs the Friday Clock Out 5-7pm on WRIR 97.3, Richmond Independent Radio (wrir.org).

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