Well, This is Tense!

Just released, and quickly, from Bag of Bones Press a flash fiction smorgasbord (or would it be tapas?) of horror written in the second person present. That can be a challenge! My short story, Gryllidae, is in there. A quick little terror involving grief. I have another longer story I am shopping around currently thatContinue reading “Well, This is Tense!”

Generation X-Ed

Now available for pre-order and on sale! I’ve gotten an advanced copy and read several of the stories. Quirky and fun and already has gotten some good buzz on it. Sweet! Available in paperback, hardcover and audio soon HERE.

League of Space Pirates

So I must consider Noah Scalin a pretty damn awesome and consistent creative partner. He has done a book cover for us, I have worked with his father, and I continually collaborate with him.  This time it is with his League of Space Pirates project.  They have an album out, we have several local authorsContinue reading “League of Space Pirates”