Happy Release Day!

Today is the official release day for Generation X-ed! So far the reviews from various media outlets have been extremely positive. 22 dark stories of that era by writers that grew up during that era, though you don’t have to be a Gen X-er to enjoy them. Fun for all ages!

Here is a listing of the stories and writers:

In From the Cold – Adrian Ludens

A Genealogy of Hunger – Thomas Vaughn

Sacrifices – Douglas Ford

Splitting Maul – Phil Ford

Naming the Band – Elaine Pascale

The Walk-In – C.D. Brown

Nothing to See Here – Kristi Petersen Schoonover

Get Away from Me – Kevin David Anderson

The Shade – C.O. Davidson

Paper Dolls – Glynn Owen Barrass

The Crimson Church – Thomas K.S. Wake

Birnam Hall – L.E. Daniels

Prey Heed to the Preacher Man – Eldon Litchfield

Tough Break – Mark Towse

How I Met Kurt Russell – Rob Smales

Movie Call – Derek Austin Johnson

Waiting for the Worms – Erica Ruppert

Parker Third West – Dale W. Glaser

Stand Beside Me Now – Tim Jeffreys

Subdivision – Matthew Barron

Maya – Matthew Chabin

Regulators – Holly Rae Garcia

We all have stories. Generation X has now reached the era and life of middle-ish age, and whether it be the press or ourselves starting to embrace it as some sort of banner to wave, it is happening. As a 20-something year old when the phrase was coined by a “boomer”, I was not a fan, implying Generation X leads to a y and z and then what? Where is youth supposed to go from there? Plus it wasn’t even coined by someone of our generation. I’m past that now. Every generation embraces their creativity as the be all and all of everything, and we are no different in that respect. Music and movies were our babysitters though, so in some ways we may have one upped all of you bastards. Horror movies were definitely our bag too, so it’s only appropriate that a delightful anthology like this exists right now. I’m honored to be a part of it, and I recommend anyone that enjoys that era of culture give this a spin on your reading turntable. 22 varied tales from a great group of writers and edited by the amazing Rebecca Rowland on the terrific Dark Ink / Am ink publishing group which is also home to books by Tom Savini and Kane Hodder. Today Generation X-ed is let loose upon the world!

Order here: https://rowlandbooks.com/generation-xed

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